Monday, January 23, 2006

Tello: Tap the Icon

From Business Week Online, "Say Hello to Tello," annouces the launch of a new kind of telecommunications company from several industry heavy weights.

"Jeff Pulver wants to help revolutionize business communications. His latest venture, Tello, is set to launch on Jan. 23 with the support of three high-profile partners, including cell-phone pioneer Craig McCaw, former Apple (AAPL) CEO John Sculley, and veteran telecom banker Michael Price."

"Like Vonage, the company uses the Internet as a platform for communications. But it goes way beyond voice. The idea is to help businesspeople get in touch instantaneously in groups of two or more, bridging a multitude of devices and communications platforms.

TAP THE ICON. How would it work? Let's say an investment banker in New York needs to get in touch with a colleague in Greenwich, Conn., an attorney at home in Stamford, Conn., and a client in Walnut Creek, Calif. The banker in New York would go to his address book and look up the contact file for the client, which would have a Tello toolbar with a series of icons representing various modes of communication -- from home and work phone, to cell phone, e-mail, and instant messaging."

"So the Tello concept isn't just about instant communications. It's about instant collaboration on spreadsheets, slides, Web pages, and other documents and files. "We are going to offer enterprises an opportunity for real instant collaboration and features that they can't get from the regular phone network," Pulver said."

From Om Malik: "My initial reaction to the service is that it might suffer from feature creep, and will be tough for actual users to adopt. And who really knows how well it will scale."


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