Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Motorola's M-Wallet

Motorola is moving forward with NFC mobile payments.

From the press release:

"Mobile phones are no longer just about conducting
conversations, they are now emerging as a center of
people's lives for every day transactions," said Navin
Mehta, Motorola's vice president of Applications
Management. "With M-Wallet, Motorola continues
to offer industry leading applications that not only
bring convenience and flexibility to subscribers but
help operators differentiate and advance their
portfolios to increase mobile data usage."

"Motorola's M-Wallet is network and device agnostic
and works with GSM,CDMA, or iDEN(R) technologies,
and is compatible with Symbian, PocketPC, Palm, J2ME,
Brew and SimTk. The solution consists of two components:
first, M-Wallet is the application that consumers and
merchants download from the Internet; second, the Wallet
Service Center allows the operator to manage administration,
registration, issuance of credit and debit cards, coupons,
archiving, customer profiles and maintenance. It ensures
end-to-end security throughout the platform and all of a
user's banking and credit information is stored with their
financial institution."

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