Monday, February 27, 2006

Sprint Gets MTV Content

From the press release:

"Sprint continues to lead the industry in bringing the best lineup of entertainment and mobile content to our customers," said Jeff Hallock, vice president of wireless product strategy and marketing for Sprint. "Now our customers have the flexibility to view compelling programming from CMT, COMEDY CENTRAL, MTV and VH1. They can also listen to streaming audio channels from CMT, MTV and VH1 - a service that currently only Sprint offers to its customers."

"Our diverse networks air many of the most popular - and creative - shows on television that define the ever-changing pop-culture landscape," said Greg Clayman, MTV Networks' vice president of wireless strategy and operations. "No matter where they are, Sprint customers can now stay connected to the short-form programming they love on CMT, COMEDY CENTRAL, MTV and VH1 and remain plugged into the latest trends in music, fashion, movies, comedy and more."

From MocoNews:

One problem is that it sounds like all the channels are independent, and have to be paid for independently…”CMT, COMEDY CENTRAL, MTV AND VH1 are each currently available for $5.95 per month, per channel on Sprint multimedia-capable handsets. Data usage will apply.”

So if you want Comedy Central and MTV it will cost you $12 per month, plus data charges — which could add up pretty quickly. With this level of cost it’s unlikely to be a mass-market service, but maybe the companies are only interested in offering a ‘premium service’. Of course, MTV has already indicated it’s keen to offer a free, ad-subsidized service

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