Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Advertising RIP and Predictions

Interesting article at Club of Amsterdam by Scott G. He states that ads have gotten to pervasive and will soon cease to be effective. But, he also makes some predictions.

From the article:

"When I first wrote about the ways advertising messages were being placed inside almost every activity in the universe, I ended the article with some predictions that many people found outlandish, including:
  • Debit card scanners in TV sets, so you can order during a commercial with the flick of your remote.
  • Barcodes in songs, so you can download from iTunes or Real Rhapsody by swiping your XM or Sirius player with your Visa or MasterCard.
  • Credit cards built into wristwatches.
  • Interactive ads, where you get to star in a five-minute escape from reality.
  • Holographic projections of commercials from postage stamps, car and house keys, magazine covers, etc.
  • Microchips embedded under your skin, so YOU will be the receiver for TV, radio, satellite, telephone, and global positioning system signals"

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