Tuesday, March 07, 2006

AT&T Bellsouth Comments

Om follows up with some quotes from analystis.

From the post:

Susan Kalla of Carris & Company: “Over the near term, the equipment suppliers are likely to see a short term spending freeze as the operators reevaluate their network needs and consolidate network operating centers.”

Joe Chiasson of Susquehanna Financial Group: “Assuming that one-half (a percentage comparable to AT&T) of BellSouth’s residential customer base is eventually targeted for a Lightspeed upgrade, Alcatel just picked up roughly 6 million lines of IPTV business assuming it doesn’t drop the ball.”

“The merger is potentially negative from the standpoint there is one less major service provider (BellSouth) deploying the centralized (B-RAS centric) IPTV architecture, and thus one less potential customer for the E320.”

Nikos Theodosopoulos of UBS: "“CIEN would benefit to a certain degree if T (SBC) were to extend its Coredirector ..long haul upgrade into BLS territory. ADTN would likely benefit slightly as it has a stronger relationship w/ SBC vs. BLS.”



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