Monday, March 06, 2006

RBC Mobile Technology Survey

From the press release:

"A proliferation of product choices and rapidly changing technology are the key deterrents for consumers when it comes to purchasing their mobile technologies, according to a survey of 1,001 Americans released today by RBC Capital Markets.

The survey polled consumers who use a cell phone and other mobility devices and found that 45 per cent say too many product choices prevent them from making a purchase decision.

Three-quarters of those surveyed said, "I am not interested in watching TV programs or movies on my handheld device," and 69 per cent said they do not see themselves using cell phones for musical entertainment purposes.

When asked if they would be willing to pay to have in-car mobile Internet access and computing, eight out of ten Americans stated they had no interest and three-quarters said, "having wireless Internet in my car would be a dangerous distraction." Interestingly, one quarter of Americans said they would check email in their car if they had a device to do so.
  • Almost 20 per cent of Americans have text-messaged opinions to a person in their immediate vicinity to prevent others near them from knowing.

  • Fifty-seven per cent are opposed to adult content being disseminated over mobile technologies.

  • Fifty-three per cent believe that the U.S. economy benefits from consumer demand for new technologies.

  • One in eight Americans have taken a photo or video of a stranger without their knowledge.

  • Democratization of Internet access may be the nascent philosophy behind the finding that roughly 43 per cent of Americans surveyed said wireless service providers should provide free access to Google.

  • Having instant access to the Internet anytime, anywhere was cited as priority in life for 48 per cent of those who owned a PDA, notebook or laptop.

  • Twenty-three per cent admitted that "Google is part of my every day life and I want access to it anytime, anywhere."

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