Friday, March 03, 2006

Joi Ito: Joi TV

Famed blogger Joi Ito is going to host a TV show on MX TV.

He posts his goals for producing the show.
  • "Weekly live broadcast for 30 min, Sat night 10 PM JST broadcast on MX TV as well as the net
  • Show and B-Roll material available for download
  • Active integration of #joiito IRC channel for feedback and participation
  • Japan blog roundup using Technorati Japan
  • Interviews of bloggers and other people by pre-recorded video and video conferencing/iChat AV
  • Feature Global Voices stories
  • Feature Metroblogging bloggers
  • See if I can do interviews in Second Life or World of Warcraft
  • Feature amateur and viewer content and try to collaborate with schools and artists to make cool stuff
  • Video blog format output of show"

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