Thursday, March 02, 2006

MobHappy on Admob

Russell Buckley reviews Admob. From the post:

"AdMob is a pay-per-click marketplace for mobiles. Think Google AdWords for phones - yes, it’s that deliciously simple.

Publishers of any website optimised for mobile viewing can join the network free. And Admob run text-based ads on their site, whenever viewed by a mobile and share revenue. In other words, for a publisher, it’s all upside.

For advertisers, you bid to place your ads on sites within the network, on the pay-per-click basis that has been so effective on Google and others. Pay-per-click isn’t quite payment by results, but it’s the next best thing and I’d argue that clicking on a link on your mobile is expressing a stronger intent to purchase, than doing the equivalent on a PC."

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