Friday, March 03, 2006

WiMax Survey

A recent survey from Heavy Reading:

"In terms of hype cycles," notes the Heavy Reading report's executive summary, "WiMax may actually be eclipsing some of the industry's earlier 'savior' technologies, primarily because it is viewed as a linchpin for the future convergence of wireless and wireline networks, in addition to promising advancement for broadband wireless services and providers."

Among the survey findings:
  • 82 percent of respondents expect commercial WiMax launch by the end of 2007
  • 38 percent expect it this year
  • 60 percent of telecom companies expect WiMax to have a profound long-term impact on their service offerings
The confidence in upcoming WiMax deployments is slightly lower in North America (where 29 percent of respondents said they expect launches this year) than in Europe (42 percent) and Asia (44 percent)."



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