Monday, March 06, 2006

My Network TV

All around the web last week, News Corp annouces My Network TV.

From Dianne Mermigas:

"If the whole point of My Network TV is to provide an entertainment and news content link from the peculiar Web site that is MySpace to television and back out to countless digital wireless devices -- including cell phones, PDAs and PlayStation 3 -- then News Corp. wants to keep the structure and content of this new venture as fluid and flexible as possible.

However, the real news is in how News Corp. plans to use this new content, which it says it will produce in-house at Twentieth Television according to new cost-effective guidelines. For instance, each of the telenovelas will cost about $1.3 million each week to produce five hourlong episodes.

On a completely different level, My Network TV comes to the rescue of independent stations who are about to be orphaned by the creation of the CW by essentially merging the smaller UPN and WB networks. Just when you think that in a world of wireless, digital media platforms, grassroots broadcasters were toast, News Corp. comes to the rescue.

Why? First and foremost is that Fox is the single largest broadcaster with 35 stations, 10 of which were UPN affiliates. Those Fox-owned independent stations in such cities as Chicago, Los Angeles and New York cover 24% of the U.S., though Fox expects to eventually achieve 90% penetration, each of which can wrap their locally produced fare around My Network TV's original 52-week program block while promoting themselves as "MyTV."

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