Thursday, March 23, 2006

IPTV Round Up

As usual Daily Wireless covers all of the recent IPTV developments.

From the post:

How big a gamble are phone carriers taking with television? It depends who you ask. American carriers have lost more than 5 million telephone customers to cable rivals Time Warner, Comcast and Cox during the last year as cable firms move into the VoIP marketplace, says America's Network.

Siemens executives said in December the global market for IPTV could hit $1 billion by 2009, with China expected to account for a quarter of the spending.

By the end of 2007, ATT/SBC expects to reach 17 million households with FTTN and nearly 1 million with FTTP. In 2005, SBC said it expected that its total capital expenditures will be at the high end of its 2004 guidance range of $5 billion to $5.5 billion. AT&T, with BellSouth, will have 70 million landline subscribers.

Research firm Parks Associates (above) estimates 70 million users around the world will embrace IPTV by 2010, up from 5 million last year. The IPTV market is expected to grow as much as 25% annually. Infonetics Research says there will be 13 million IPTV users in North America by 2009."

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