Thursday, March 23, 2006

Magazines Thinking about Mobile

From min online, a recent survey by Media Industry Newsletter and IWantMedia of magazine publishers.

Highlights from the article:

Are you currently deploying any of your magazine content on a mobile application?
Yes: 25%
No: 75%

Have you or do you plan to launch a mobile version of your site for access via phone WAP browser?
Yes: 19%
No: 53%
We plan to: 28%

Do you anticipate mobile extensions of your magazine generating substantial revenue or serving primarily as a branding vehicle?
Substantial revenue: 12%
Marginal revenue: 36%
Just a brand extension: 52%

Are your sales teams currently selling mobile ad space?
Yes: 16%
No: 77%
Don’t know: 7%

Do you maintain a direct relationship with mobile carriers, or do you license to a publisher who maintains the relationship?
License: 49%
Direct: 51%



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