Thursday, March 23, 2006

DVB-H in Sydney

From CNET:

"Over the past year, DVB-H technology has been tested in Sydney and around the world for delivery of pre-encoded content. However, the Games trial marks the first time the technology has been used to simultaneously encode and broadcast multiple video channels and data information in real time. That's a big step forward given that a major market for such technology is the broadcasting of live sports events.

Technical issues could quickly grow DVB-H to become more than just a novelty. The current most popular method of distributing videos to mobiles - as downloads via third-generation mobile networks - was recently called into question by UK research firm Analysys, which said 3G networks could run out of bandwidth by 2007 if 40 percent of their subscribers watched just eight minutes of video a day.

DVB-H, by contrast, uses a completely different set of radio spectrum and a one-way broadcast delivery method that is not constrained in the same ways as session-based 3G services. That has made it a popular target for mobile service providers, who have tested DVB-H based mobile TV services in numerous overseas trials. Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, Samsung and other mobile manufacturers are working with Microsoft and chipmakers like Broadcom and Intel to integrate DVB-H chips into their devices."

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