Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mobile TV Overview

More great information from Daily Wireless:

"Some promoters of the Digital Video Broadcast-Handheld format have advocated "poaching" L-Band, originally assigned to the Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) radio standard, for DVB-H service in Europe. Britain's powerful Office of Communications (Ofcom) regulatory agency is addressing L-Band allocation in meetings this month.

Efficiency of Digital Radio Systems

Mobile Multimedia Systems Bandwidth Required per Average Audio Quality Radio Station
DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) 25 (Shortwave Radio)
DVB-H (DVB-Handheld) 39 (can use DAB or TV channels)
DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) 60 (can use DAB radio channels)
DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) 250 (Band III: 174-239 Mhz) and
(L Band: 1.452-1.490 Ghz)

DMB and DVB-H are the two dominant mobile television standards and both are based on COFDM to provide mobility. DVB-H had its start in Europe and is based on DVB-T, the digital terrestrial broadcast system there. It is in competition with Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB), which adds MPEG-4 and other elements to digital radio channels (DAB) or other frequencies. It is already operational in Asia.

The United States doesn't have frequencies devoted to DAB. Instead the FCC approved a proprietary system, HDRadio. It is currently being deployed across the U.S. and uses subcarriers on today's FM bands (so no new frequencies are needed for digital broadcasting). The downside of Ibiquity's proprietary system is that DMB mobile television is unlikely to be an option for radio broadcasters. Satellite radio broadcasters, like XM, also use terrestrial repeaters (near 2.3 GHz). That frequency is used for DMB in Asia. Radioscape and Texas Instruments
make modules for DMB and DVB-H."

As always go read the whole thing - I just pulled a small bit about the spectrum but the main article is about Radioscape winning new contracts in China.

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