Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Box.net Mobile Storage Solution

Russell Beattie point's to Box.net's introduction of storage for mobile devices.

From the Box.net Blog:

"We have put off the final touches for the mobile site for nearly a week so we could focus on solving more demanding matters. Finally those have died down a bit, and we were able to put together our mobile site. It’s very basic at this point. It will let you share your files (that are already in your box account), and let you view photos.

Here is what we are going to have for later in the week:

  • Document previews- view .doc/.xls/.ppt in plain text on your mobile browser
  • Slideshow functionality (browse through your photos)
  • Uploading via email… take a photo, email it to your account

The feature is available to everyone at this point, but it may eventually become a premium feature. You can point your mobile browser to: http://m.box.net. It would be great if you can let us know what the experience is like. I expect this to only work in a mobile browser that supports basic HTML (at the least)."

What do you do on a slow Saturday night? Think up product slogans!

"We take the stink out of sync
Don’t think, Sync.
Sync is the new pink.
Sync. Nuff said.
If only everything was this easy"

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