Thursday, May 04, 2006

OnHollywood 2006: Ted Cohen, Jennifer Feikin and Jeremy Allaire

OnHollywood 2006 is going on this week.

From the website:

"OnHollywood is where cutting edge technology from teh backstreets of Silicon Valley meets Hollywood's digital media revolution."

Flickr photos here.

Ted Cohen:

"The audience is taking over the programming," according to Ted Cohen,senior vice president of Digital Development and Distribution at EMI Music. "A few years ago we looked at litigating it, now we are looking at how to monetize it."

"You can't set up too many rules right now….if you don't let them play they will play anyway, so we have to figure out how to monetize it," he said.

Jennifer Feikin:

"Much of what is on the Internet is now a novelty, but it has an additional way to express and communication that wasn't there before. It's also a good way to find content, but it needs to be good content. It's not just about the distribution. More content is being created, but the best content is what will be watched," Feikin said.

"Come back in a year…the whole revolution is only eight months old. We really don't know what will work. Today it's short form comedy and video content, very PC-based.

Jeremy Allaire:

"How to get syndication and aggregation is not figured out," he said.



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