Monday, June 19, 2006

Brightcove Marching Forward

On the heals of the recent release, today Sony and Brightcove annouce the launch of Musicbox Video.

From the press release:

"The broadband video initiative, currently named "Musicbox Video," will show content from across the entire SONY BMG library. The "Musicbox Video" players have been customized with specialized video content for individual label and artist sites. Consumers will be treated to a rich-media Flash experience featuring playlists with top videos and genres, "share with a friend" functionality, and RSS syndication feeds.

SONY BMG plans to use broadband video to generate advertising revenues. Advertisers will have a variety of options for reaching their audiences and achieving their marketing objectives - from video pre-roll to innovative video overlays, sponsorships, and other integrated packages. Brightcove will sell and deliver these advertisements."

From a recent interview with Jeremy Alliare:

"What the Internet presents is the potential to be different and to be potentially more valuable to the sponsor and to the consumers. And we think it will be much more valuable to the content owners as well. These new types of engagement with sponsorship and advertising can yield higher value.

We've talked about some formats that are interactive and allow the consumer to engage more deeply. As you introduce longer programming, I don't think the video commercial will come over to the Internet very cleanly. I don't think that's what consumers are looking for. They're not looking for a replication of a broadcast.

Marketers have to think about how to involve themselves with the content without interrupting the content. Overlays and adjacent rich media units will become more prevalent and important."

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