Thursday, July 13, 2006

Entourage on Cingular

MocoNews points to a press release by Cingular about a new video offering in its HBO media package.

From the press release:

"Cingular and HBO have launched mini-episodes of the popular "Entourage" series available only to Cingular Video customers who subscribe to HBO Mobile. In an industry first, the Entourage made-for-mobile episodes are true extensions of the program fans enjoy on HBO. They are written by the same writers and producers, and have the same characters and actors.

The premise of the made-for-mobile "Entourage" story is (appropriately): Johnny Drama makes a "cellivision" show. Customers can view a series of short vignettes based on this premise as they continue to enjoy the adventures of the friends from Queens on the Hollywood road to fame and fortune. "The episodes are short and funny -- just the kind of entertainment mobile customers want," says Burbank."

From MocoNews:

"The episodes will last 4 minutes each, and Cingular will also show full-length episodes from the first season of Entourage. It will be part of the HBO package on Cingular, which costs $4.99 plus the $14.99 for Cingular’s montly media plan."



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