Thursday, July 06, 2006


No its not a product from AT&T, its a "trendwatcher" term describing virtual worlds and games. The article is made up of links and quotes but serves as a fairly good collection of information about all of the different worlds.

From the post:

"Now that so many consumers are discovering the fun of spending time, lounging, residing and even living in their youniverses, innovative brands who want to be where their customers are, had better start working on a coherent YOUNIVERSAL BRANDING strategy.

Now, don't get us wrong, YOUNIVERSAL BRANDING is not about plastering online worlds with advertising. That wouldn't work anyway, as fickle masters of the youniverse would spit you out in a split second. So the opportunity and challenge for brands is to figure out how to add something relevant to virtual worlds: providing players and inhabitants with experiences they actually enjoy, and could even co-create with you."

This is part 1 so maybe there will be more meat in part 2.



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