Monday, June 26, 2006

Amazonians in Second Life reports from SuperNova on a comment made by Werner Vogels of Amazon.

From the post:

“There is a group of Amazonians in Second Life,” Vogels said, “and we are building a bridge between Amazon Web services and Second Life so you can go into Second Life and actually try things on there and buy them. There are people who want to use Amazon as a platform to buy and sell things in Second Life.”

[Update:] Vogels, who is VP of worldwide architecture and chief technology officer at Amazon, tells me that there is indeed an “Amazonians” group in SL composed of Amazon employees, and that they are trying to see what it would take to create a Web-services bridge between the virtual world and the shopping site. The effort is not being done under the auspices of the company, he says.

“If we are truly a platform, we should be able to do this,” he said. “These kinds of extreme uses can teach you a lot about your platform.” Vogels admits that SL’s Web hooks may not currently be the perfect tools to support such a bridge, but he predicts success within six months or so.

From B2Day:

People already buy things in Second Life to use within the game, mostly as a form of self-expression. What would really flip my wig, though, is if some of the far-out clothing and objects designed for Second Life were actually fabricated in the real world.

And then there is always the idea of Second Life credit cards, where you'd get a real Visa card that earns loyalty points redeemable for currency in the virtual world."

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