Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Terry Heaton: Selling Against Ourselves

Terry has another essay in his "TV News in a Postmodern World" series.

From the post:

"One day — and sooner than you might think — online ads will command greater CPMs than elsewhere, and that will do more to remove the blinking, whirling, disruptive (un)creative that passes for ads these days than any industry efforts to do so. And the important thing for broadcasters to recognize is that this will happen regardless of their efforts to slow it down, and unless they get involved in accelerating the event, the bulk of those nice ad dollars will go to smart companies from outside their markets.

So the smart thing for broadcasters to do is set up autonomous web businesses and let them do their thing, even to the point of killing the parents, if that's necessary. Along-the-way, these businesses would be free to sell against the blue smoke and mirrors that is the heart and soul of the parents' business model."



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