Monday, July 10, 2006

Video Internet - some other players

TechCrunch has a good roundup of some of the companies you don't hear about 100 times a day.

From the post:

"The sites below do offer some form of programming – there are decisions made by someone about what to present on these sites and when to present it. There’s room for both approaches online and while most eyes and venture dollars are flowing to video portals right now, I believe we’ll eventually see a similar interest from the startup community in programming."

Sites reviewed:

"And some television producers are reaping enough benefits from the web between broadcasts (e.g. Lost) that I believe the next phase will mean altered programmed content, as TV continues its migration from passive to some level of interactivity. It’s already commonplace in TV advertising, so how long before it’s commonplace in programming?

Check out “In Men We Trust”. If it will work as advertised, then we’ll watch the show while watching a show within it, and we’ll determine the arc of the story. That’s programmed content adapting to its medium. Interactivity and social networking – two things the web does well — will drive it."

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