Friday, August 11, 2006

Snow Crash to be Published in Second Life

I was a big William Gibson fan in the late 80's. Then came Snow Crash. Having spent some time thinking about VR, it was manna from heaven.

3pointD reports that Rivers Run Red and Penguin will create an in world version of the book by Neil Stephenson.

From 3pointD:

"Book publishing in Second Life, of course, has not been a smashing success. “Prim” books are unwieldy, hard to manipulate and often very difficult to read. But RRR and publisher Penguin seem savvy on this note, with the in-world version apparently offering only a sampler of portions of the text and excerpts from an audio version — with a special discount (presumably on paper-and-ink purchases) being offered to Second Life residents.

Second Life creator Philip Rosedale has said, “Snow Crash has the closest practical resemblance to Second Life as it exists now: a parallel, immersive world which simulates an alternate universe, which thousands of people inhabit simultaneously for communication, play, and work, at various levels and variations of role-playing with their avatars.”



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