Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Fool's Advise for Loneygirl15

The fall out continues for Loneygirl15, Youtube and the "new form" of entertainment.

From the Fool:

"This newfound freedom for the creators comes at a time when the Warholian window of opportunity is starting to close -- unless they can smash a permanent hole in the pane by flexing their creative abilities.

It isn't as hard as you think, really. Here's a potential three-step plan to keep the brand going.

  • Unless the producers already have plans for delicious plot twists with a satisfying -- or at least unforgettable -- resolution at the end, let the audience take over. Institute polling features and let viewers dictate the direction to take the story at key forks in the storytelling road.
  • Indie music has been a major feature of the Lonelygirl15 series, so rally the citizenry by having artists submit music and take the track-selection process public. There may or may not be a DVD product out of Lonelygirl15, but there can definitely be room for a CD soundtrack.
  • Embrace the wide range of expectations. Some folks want to see the love story blossom. Some want to see a darker bent emerge. Others want to see the unauthorized Cassie Is Watching scavenger hunt for clues evolve into more interactive sleuthing. You can do it all, as long as you are able to spin off the fringe elements while making sure the edgy detours still intersect with the main story down the line.

It's not too late for YouTube or Lonelygirl15, but both companies have the same problem: protecting their turf in a landscape that is perpetually changing."

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