Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Revision3: A New Kind of Studio

From Information Week:

Revision3, the new Internet video network backed by the founders of Digg.com, isn't really aiming to "kill your television." That phrase, used in the site's publicity material, is just a figure of speech, Jay Adelson explains.

"This is the first media company, the first Internet TV network that actually produces its own content and distributes it itself," Adelson says.

Revision3 is betting that it can produce popular video content on a shoestring while still being well-paid by sponsors. "A very good television show has a million dollar budget for an episode," Adelson says. "Our budgets are certainly less than $50,000 and can be as low as $500. The podcasting generation, what it did was it created distribution and editing technologies, where the costs are just significantly less than traditional media."

The irony here is that Revision3 isn't so much killing your television as exhuming your grandparent's old RCA from the landfill to salvage the mid-twentieth century advertising model. "Our revenue is based entirely on product placement," says Adelson, explaining that its videos will have sponsors the way that TV shows did during the early years of television."


Wall Street Journal Interview (can't link directly to it, doh! Scroll down five)

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