Monday, October 30, 2006

Brightcove for Independant Producers

Brightcove released information about a new offering to help independent producers make money from their work.

Brightcove press release:

"In the last six months we've seen explosive growth in the online video market, especially in consumer sharing, but this is only the beginning of the Internet TV era," said Jeremy Allaire, chairman and chief executive officer of Brightcove. "Now content producers, from serious amateurs to major studios, are looking for an approach to Internet video that gives them commercial opportunities with their content as well as control over their distribution, and that's exactly what we're delivering with the launch of the Brightcove Network."


"By participating in the Brightcove Network, video publishers will be able to manage video posted on their own web sites, showcase their channels for syndication and subscription on the Brightcove website, take 50% of advertising revenue from videos wherever they play and take 70% of revenue from pay-per-download videos, including videos purchased on partner site AOL Video.

Ads will appear in several different formats: pre-roll, post roll, overlays and synced banners appearing next to the video player. Free Brightcove Network accounts will have ad placement decided for them, premium Publisher accounts will be able to select their own ad format."


"Evan Fleischer, director-marketing and promotions at the Rainbow Media-owned IFC, said the model is a practical one for his small cable network. "Syndication is what's going to make or break companies like IFC," he said. "We can't all be YouTube. We can't all be MySpace. ... Brightcove's a mirror of how we work in cable industry. We provide content to [cable operators], they send that content out."

"It's increasingly clear in a market dominated by YouTube and its focus very much on consumer-generated content, there's also a big emerging opportunity with semiprofessional and professional media companies that might not have the scale or expertise to build a self-made online-video initiative," said Joe Laszlo, senior analyst at Jupiter Research.

"There's going to be so much slicing and dicing," said Mitch Oscar, exec VP-Carat Digital. Asks Jupiter's Mr. Laszlo: "How big is the advertising pot going to be and when all these people take their slices out of it is it enough for a content creator to make a real business?"

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