Monday, October 30, 2006

Mark Cuban's Long Tail Ghetto

Love him or hate him, Mark Cuban has opinions. I kind of like him. I got to do an interview with him once and he was really nice. No handlers, just Mark.

With all of his thoughts on the Youtube deal, he has been in the news lately. Here is a video (on Youtube!) of him talking about how Youtube is like a crackdealer.

More interesting however, is Mark's post about the Long Tail of content and how that's not really the place you want to be. Its a long post - go read it all if you think about things like this.

From the post:

"I think trying to define where the Long Tail ends and the Vert Ramp begins is critical, because the fact of the matter is: No Content Creator wants to be on the Long Tail. Anyone who has ever created content realizes that there is a very thick bar a bit above the the base of the Vert Ramp that acts as a content ceiling (thanks to Oliver Luckett for the term). that they are desperately trying to break through in order to get off the long tail and on to the Vert Ramp.

The first step towards the Vert Ramp and up the hierarchy is to get paid. More and more sites like Revver are creating opportunities for video creators to make money, just as sites like and have been doing for music for years. The reality however are very, very few make minimum wage for their work.

The next step up the hierarchy comes from breaking out at least once. You got paid enough for your work to think you or your company have a chance to create content full time. It may be a one time reward, or just the first of many rewards. But as long as its just one so far, you are still in the long tail. Still underneath the content ceiling looking up at the Vert Ramp, but at least you lost your financial virginity.

At this point, in order to fight through the content ceiling almost all content creators look to Big Money for help. Big Money is/are all the people and companies that control distribution and have big bank accounts. They are the people who can elevate the content creators from fearing their lights will be off when they get home, to buying a new house."



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