Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Reuter's Adam Pasick Interview

CNET interviews Reuter's man in Second Life.

From the interview:

"What was your initial reaction to being asked if you wanted to do this? Did you know much about "Second Life" at that point?

Pasick: I had heard of "Second Life" but never had been in-world. To be completely honest, when I first heard the idea, I was a bit dubious. But even as I talked it over that first time, I saw that it could be a great idea if done well. I think that's typical of "Second Life": The more time you spend, the more it makes sense.

So what do you see as the "mission" of Reuters in "Second Life"?

Pasick: If we can provide good financial news and data to the "Second Life" business community, and find a new audience for Reuters among "Second Life" residents, I'll be happy.

How do you explain your new beat to friends, family and colleagues who don't understand what "Second Life" or virtual worlds are?

Pasick: I've had a lot of practice. But I've found the best way is to get them in front of a computer and show them. My parents love it now. They have avatars and hang out in the Reuters building."