Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Sheep Find Kaneva

Chris at the Electric Sheep has uncovered Kaneva. Kaneva is an Atlanta company backed by Chris Klaus, that "empowers anyone to create their own Profile or Channel for total self expression. Whether it's creating their own easily customizable Profile all about them or a topically rich, Channel, Kaneva provides the ability to share, comment, rave, tag and search a wide range of media including videos, blogs, photos, music/audio, games, and even a 3D virtual world. "

From Chris' post:

"Social networking site Kaneva has a Virtual World in private beta. Meet people, get an apartment, decorate, you know the deal. It looks very Second Life’ish and there is a developers program. The world is in private beta but you can sign up and play with the 2D social networking site."



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