Monday, January 29, 2007

CNET's Project Spotlight

Oh yeah, its coming hard and fast. Another corporate social media site.
From the website:

Starting in January 2007, Project Spotlight will bring groundbreaking, original web shows produced in collaboration with the best and brightest independent creators to the 15 million¹–member Webshots audience. The program hopes to enable a new wave of entertainers, journalists and artists to reach their true potential by offering technology, audience and a first-of-its-kind artist-grant program.

Project Spotlight will bring you two weekly web shows featuring your photo and video submissions. Grab your camera (or your camera phone) and get your creative juices flowing by submitting a video for one of our new shows: The Webshots Roundup features the funniest, weirdest and wildest videos from our community, and Spotlight News gives aspiring citizen journalists and people with an opinion a soap box to tell the world about the important issues facing their communities."

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