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Youtube to Pay Submitters: Linkfest

Chad Hurley spills the beans at Davos.

Jeff Jarvis:

From the BBC:

"YouTube founder Chad Hurley confirmed to the BBC that his team was working on a revenue-sharing mechanism that would "reward creativity".

The system would be rolled out in a couple of months, he said, and use a mixture of adverts, including short clips shown ahead of the actual film.

But he confirmed that the various features would be rolled out one by one over the next few months.

"There won't be one big release," he said.

The audience of the YouTube website will not have to put up with overly long "pre-roll" adverts. Mr Hurley said a clip of three seconds length was one of the options, although the details had not been worked out yet."

Youtube interview:


"If you are Revver or Metacafe1, then it has to be the happiest day of your tiny life. YouTube2, the 800-pound gorilla just validated your business model by deciding to pay their3 creators, a cut of the advertising action.

If you are Revver or Metacafe, it is also the worst day of your life, because now a deep pocketed incumbent is going to play havoc with your business model, and hope to run you out of town."

John Battelle:

" If you want to use YouTube to establish your brand, the way, say, the Coke and Mentos or Ninja guys did, will Google require that you cut them in for using the YouTube platform to do that? Will it ban other kinds of ads, ads competitive to its new units, that creators have inserted into their uploaded videos?

What about videos which are, in essence, entirely ads, like the Dove Evolution phenomenon? The Dove folks LOVED that success story, but YouTube didn't make a dime on it( and the agency folks who made the ad aren't quite sure how they'll get paid as well - they usually make money on the media buys, after all). As for denying competitive ads, the precedent is certainly there - AdSense bans competing ad platforms.

Financial Times:

"Speaking on the fringes of the meeting, Mr Hurley told the Financial Times YouTube had not yet decided how large payments to users would be, but highlighted Google’s rapidly growing advertising revenues. “Google has a large pool,” he said. YouTube has received subpoenas from several media groups, concerned that its audience has loaded illegal copies of their content on the site."


"If YouTube can deliver a bigger audience, a better sense of community and a good revenue sharing platform, then many of these sites will be left for dead. First to go, in my estimation, would be Revver, which relies entirely on this revenue sharing. Revver could stay afloat if YouTube doesn’t immediately deploy ads in embedded players, but eventually this is bound to happen - perhaps Revver will sell before then."


"The caveats about this vaporshare “news” from Hurley: if and when it happens, the offer would apply only to people who own the full copyright of the videos that they are uploading to the YouTube website, Hurley added in an interview with the BBC, but of course that is an obvious thing to say. It will be an ad-share, with very short pre-rolls...a clip of three seconds length was one of the options, although the details had not been worked out yet."

Will Video for Food:
  1. "You’ll get a tiny fraction of a penny per view. Maybe a few bucks per thousand views you get. It will not matter how many videos you have. Just how many are viewed.
  2. It won’t be retroactive. When it starts, you’ll start earning based on views from that date forward."

Consumer Generated Media:

  1. Growth of a New eBay-Style Cottage Industry
  2. News Spread Faster, and Gets Edgier
  3. Garbage Collectors and Video Spammers Find A Meal-Ticket
  4. More Dedicated Surveillance of Brands
  5. Complications With "Co-Creation" or "Create Your Own Ad" Models: Think Super Bowl
  6. Higher Bar for Brands Rewarding Consumer Contributions, Ideas, or Feedback
  7. Indirect Product Placement & Brand Counter-Attack
  8. Greater Need for Disclosure
  9. Re-engineering the School "Back Sale" -- Charity and Fundraising
  10. Rich Rewards for Many, Soul Searching for Many Others

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