Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sundance New Media

CNET is covering Sundance and has a post up about the future of the internet as a distribution platform.


" Joining moderator Kara Swisher of The Wall Street Journal on the panel were Brightcove Internet TV CEO Jeremy Allaire, PopCurrent.com founder Mark Jeffrey, Battlestar Galactica Director Michael Rymer, Revver.com CEO Steve Starr, MySpace.com marketing executive Shawn Gold and YouTube Chief Marketing Officer Suzie Reider.

"There's a world online that's akin to Sundance," as far as distribution and building audiences goes, said Revver's Starr. "I can't tell you in three or four years what will be popular online, but I can tell you their entire business will be online...We're all in an experimental process. We are all trying to find the sweet spot."

Allaire, for one, doesn't see filmmakers making a living off distributing their content online. "Fundamentally, (the Web) is a marketing platform," he said."

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