Monday, January 22, 2007

The New Network

Will Video for Food has an interesting "pitch" post that I am going to say ditto to:) Call me, really, let's do lunch.

WVFF describes an approach to online video creation.

From the post:
  • "Most of it features 1-3 minute videos of a select group of creators. I can identify a few dozen that are ready for broader audiences. Many of these could NEVER sustain their own shows. But put them together with other similar format (mostly humor) and you have something powerful!
  • Unlike WebJunk or AFV this isn’t random goofy moments (accidents, pants falling, crotch hits). This is the more finely written and produced content And since it features a select few, they’ll have serialized potential like some SNL characters. We’ll look forward to our favorites, and the best will get regular slots.
  • It’s hosted, but the host doesn’t get in the way. Just glues it together. Nothing cute with the host popping up all over the videos via green screen. Ick. Somene cool- not like VH1 WebJunk or America’s Funniest Videos (although I do like the new guy way better than Sagat). But the host here is understated. The videos are the star.
  • One segment per week has a short “behind the virus,” where we meet popular web-lebrities.
  • The show has a website with links to creators, and builds a community around it.
  • This satisfies the space between a television show (with high entry cost) and a small video audience subscribing to a good creator (mostly doing things part time). There’s a huge gap between here.
  • Cost of producing this? Very low. Give the creators a few grand and they’ll be happy.
  • You can imagine a zillion sponsors, can’t you?"
However, be warned, "I secretly threw in some really bad ideas into the plan to ensure if it was stolen it would bomb."

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