Wednesday, January 17, 2007

NMC Virtual Worlds

The New Media Consortium has launch NMC Virtual Worlds to assist educations who want to use Second Life.

From the NMC Virtual Worlds site:

"The mission of NMC Virtual Worlds is to help learning-focused organizations to explore the potential of virtual spaces in a manner that builds on community knowledge, is cost-effective, and ensures high quality. NMC Virtual Worlds provides a palette of premium custom services for education and training, and conducts an ongoing series of events, conferences, and programs. A suite of pro bono services and fellowships are a central aspect of the organization, and reflect our deep commitment to learning and access."

From the NMC VW blog:

"Today, the New Media Consortium announced the launch of NMC Virtual Worlds, a services unit under the NMC umbrella that will provide a full palette of support to educational institutions wishing to explore, build, or establish a presence in a range of virtual worlds. The program offers all of its services to educational institutions and museums on a simple cost-recovery basis, resulting in deeply discounted pricing for qualified institutions."

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