Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Local TV on Youtube

From Splashcast:

"Temecula, California’s KZSW Television could be the first local TV station to take its local news beyond the station’s 30,000 viewers and into the world wide audience of YouTube. The station’s local newspaper wrote tonight about the cable station’s new practice of posting select news segments on the video sharing site. Local news on YouTube - it was only a matter of time.

Station CEO Kevin Page says that making segments available on YouTube is easier and faster than burning DVDs of segments that viewers call to request copies of. It also allows viewers to subscribe and receive notices whenever a new segment is available. Page reportedly hopes to sell ads at the end of the segments in the future - we’ll see how that goes over."

From PaidContent:

"This seems to be a first (readers, let us know if we’re wrong) and it opens the doors to some potentially fascinating interactions. For example, will any viewers be sufficiently motivated to post response videos to any of the KZSW reports? But even if there are no response videos, it opens the world to the local TV news in the way the web opens the world to local newspapers.

When I consulted with a large newspaper-related website a decade ago, we found consistently that more than 20 percent of the site’s visitors came from outside the local service area of the newspaper. YouTube and the like could be other ways in which expat communities stay close to video content that’s no longer local but still important to them."

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