Thursday, January 18, 2007

Super Deluxe - Its Alive

Super Deluxe launched at some point in the last 12 hours. "Fresh like Hot Pockets. Hot like bad breath" They have a number of featured performers including Dave Foley and Brad Neely. They also have Fark TV.

The content pages have all of the standard items; description, rating, embed, comments and send by email. All of the ads seem to be internal.

The site's main navigation: Series, Shorts, Artists, People and blog.

From the blog: (Zena Tsarfin)

Even right f’n now, we’re wheeling and dealing with everyone from A-list Hollywood comedians to that loner weirdo from your local Jamba Juice. You know the one - he goes home and channels his rage into oddball flash-animation strips to bemuse you. Our goal is to create content that’s a harmonious - and hilarious - middle ground between those two extremes.

The other beautiful thing about Super Deluxe is that even you, mere plebian, can join the party. We welcome you to put your best video up on our People page and start your own cult following; or simply become a member and enjoy the ride."

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