Thursday, January 18, 2007

Current TV is the Bright Future

I was at a friend's studio on Monday and we were talking about a project. I asked him if he had seen He has DishTV and gets the channel. We started watching. I had to leave soon thereafter.

I went back to his place yesterday, Current was still on. He can't stop watching. What was suppose to be a quick visit turned into 2 hours watching Current. I had to run for the door.

It is so good. The on air graphics package is right on the money. The content grid feels like the new way TV content will be consumed. It is awesome.

When you look at the project as a combined TV/web entity, nothing comes close to touching Current. The website is deep. I have still yet to find a better "how to" section, and its a year old.

Any ad agency people out there should be putting Current TV into media buys, right now.

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