Thursday, January 18, 2007

Architecture in Second Life: LOL

Archinect has a interesting article about architecture in Second Life. Archinect's mission is "to make architecture more connected and open-minded, and bring together designers from around the world to introduce new ideas from all disciplines."

From the post:

"For all the grand dreams of what life could be in Second Life (SL), this metaverse, as it's called, is decidedly more geared towards the exploration of post-silicon body modifications than the possibilities of spatial experience free of gravity, budget, and all those persnickety details.

When it comes down to it, from an architectural perspective, Second Life just sort of replicates suburbia.

In a universe built from free and easily manipulated virtual building units, there is a surprising lack of interesting work going on. Evidence, perhaps, that spatial banality is not just a symptom of something larger, but an affliction in and of itself."

heatherring: So how would you characterize LOL architects' approach to virtual architecture? Could you talk about the processes and intentions of the class?

Tor_Lindstrand: Well, first of all - we have never taken any special interest in virtual architecture. I think this divide between virtual and real is very problematic - it's something that we have adopted from literature, especially science-fiction, this idea of a parallel universe. For me it is all about architecture.

I think there is a much greater difference between how I work as an architect compared to how Mies van der Rohe worked in the early 30's, than there is between real and virtual architecture today.

So as for the processes and ideas of the class last spring, we just introduced a field and researched potentialities through practical and theoretical work.

This semester will be different, more about social networks. We are using The Office as a sort of open university, connecting schools and organizations to share the space with us.

We will be collaborating with the Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, Technical University in Graz, University of Linkoping, Supermarit, Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven and International Festival.

We are also discussing with Pirate Bay about setting up an office on copyright issues. And hopefully some sort of collaboration with Archinect. It's interesting to push the social sides of the platform. It's all about world domination, and we are aiming to be the largest architectural office in the world."



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