Monday, January 22, 2007

Digital Kids: Generation We

"You" and "We" are getting play. CNET has an article about how children view technology and media.


"When Amy Jo Kim's 8 year old son Gabriel says he wants to "watch videos," she knows he doesn't mean DVDs or television. He wants YouTube.

"He finds TV boring. So during Reading Rainbow we look up stuff on Wikipedia like side commentary. But I'm driving that," said Kim, a 40-something game designer and resident of Half Moon Bay, Calif. "His interest in TV has really declined, because it's just there, you can't customize it."

"What we're talking about is a generation that has the ability to be in touch with each other immediately at earlier and earlier ages," said Nancy Robinson, vice president and consumer strategist at Iconoculture, a Minneapolis company that tracks consumer trends for consumer giants like Nestle and Sony. "If you asked someone 10 years ago about the necessity of a cell phone for a 5-year-old, they would have laughed and walked away; now you can buy that at Target."

"Driving home we'll see a bird," Kim said, "and then go to Wikipedia (at home) and look it up. Then once we're online, he'll say, 'How about we go to YouTube?'"

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