Monday, January 22, 2007

AOL in Second Life: Jaymelina Esmele

AOL joins the rush into Second Life.


"The company's Second Life section will be called AOL Pointe. AOL is accepting applications now for the Pointe test program at the company's beta site.

With this, AOL will dip its toes in the virtual world space, which is generating a lot of buzz lately thanks to popular services like Linden Research's Second Life and Cyworld's Cyworld.

AOL Pointe will feature different sections, such as an amphitheater and an extreme sports park, in which the company plans to highlight AOL content and services like AOL Music, Moviefone, TMZ, and, an AOL spokeswoman said. AOL will use Pointe to also try out new features and research how they are received by users. The beta test will take place within Second Life and is slated to start in the next week or so, she said."


"AOL is dipping its toes in the nascent virtual-worlds environment for research reasons, but we clearly don't consider this a significant project for the company," AOL corporate communications representative Jaymelina Esmele said.

The company expects AOL Pointe to have three main areas: an amphitheater, an extreme-sports park and something called Hollywood Pop-Land. Some of AOL's more popular brands, such as TMZ Productions and, will be highlighted in the virtual space."

Jaymelina, meet Susan.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get a clue Jaymelina! Second Life may not be the end all in virtual worlds, but there it is the beginning of something very significant. Another example of how one stodgy non-tech person "doesn't get it."

January 29, 2007  

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