Monday, January 22, 2007

Google at NAPTE: David Eun

The Hollywood Reporter talked to Google's David Eun.

From the interview:

"THR: How much of the TV advertising business does Google aspire to take?

Eun: We paid out over $780 million last quarter alone to the Web sites we've asked to have relationships with. We do that not by going after the big advertisers. You've heard of the long tail of content -- there's a long tail of advertisers, too.

There's the successful entrepreneur who owns 20 different retail establishments who would love to find a way to advertise online, through newspapers and perhaps local TV, but they don't know how or it's just too difficult or it seems scary or inefficient. It will go as far as the people who want the inventory want it to go."

It seems like traditional local will suffer more than traditional national in this plan.

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