Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Rupture Live

From Mashable:

"Rupture provides a download that pulls all your stats from the game and automatically updates your profile - the “Rupture Profiler” only works on Windows for now. I’ll need to actually hook it up to a WoW account to get the full effect (you’ll need an invite to do so), but the first impressions of Rupture are excellent. However, there is one thing that seems to be missing: real life photos of the users. Surely seeing the face behind the character is part of the appeal, or perhaps I’m out of touch with the needs of the average WoW user? "

From the site:

"Rupture connects you with the real people you play with online. Rupture allows you to automatically publish your character and guild profiles, share pictures, chat with friends and recruit new people to play with.



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