Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Second Life Breaks 3 Million

From Tateru Nino:

"From 8AM SLT today to 11AM, Linden Lab's published population statistics were offline due to periodic database load issues, however. The last reported figure for total signups at 7AM was 2,978,748. When the data feed returned at 11AM, the new figure being reported was 3,018,934, well into 3 million. This beats my flat-growth prediction by about a week and a half."

Other stats from Second Life Insider:
  • "38,273 new signups bringing us to 3,070,664 signups total. Still very high, but nothing like yesterday.
  • A peak concurrency of 28,192 at 1:49PM, and a minimum concurrency of 13,653 at 1:52AM. Average concurrency for the day was 20,117. Concurrency is also continuing to climb. It wouldn't be a surprise to see 35,000 next Sunday, assuming the grid doesn't melt."



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