Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Three Minds on Vista and Demitri Martin

Three Minds reviews the Vista launch campaign.

From Three Minds:

"The future of TV advertising could be 1950’s soap opera-style sponsorships, plus a website.

Windows Vista just kicked off a campaign on Comedy Central on 1/14 by sponsoring a Demitri Martin special. Each commercial break was “free of clutter” meaning that there were no :15 or :30 spots. Instead, there were informative 2 minute segments about the Institute for Advanced Personhood.

A couple of things are great about this campaign:

  • Very engaging - not only on the website but the throwback TV sponsorship as well
  • Very targeted
  • Seamlessly integrated branded entertainment
  • Web-led advertising – webisodes drove content of TV sponsorship
  • Communicated one key message - Windows Vista can help remove clutter from your life"

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