Wednesday, April 11, 2007

NAB Fastroad: Do what?

I am sensing a theme today. With the NAB just around the corner expect a number of whaa??? moments. Getting an early start David Rehr, NAB CEO and Dennis Wharton, NAB spokesman outline NAB Fastroad (Flexible Advanced Services for Television and Radio On All Devices).

From Mediaweek:

“As we move into the digital era, the most successful local broadcasters will be those who continue serving the core audience in their local community while aggressively embracing new technologies to expand the reach of their high-value content,” said David Rehr, president and CEO of the NAB.

“We want to make sure broadcasting is on every gadget and device that is out there,” said Dennis Wharton, spokesman for the NAB.

From Lost Remote:

"Nice sentiment, but a terribly wrongheaded use of resources. The market gets to decide demand - not the NAB.

The NAB should be focusing its efforts helping broadcasters adjust to the realities of the new media marketplace - not getting the new media marketplace to adjust to its old rules.

Convincing everyone who makes MP3 players to include the functionality that is in your interest to save is not going to happen.

This makes as little sense as insisting that cable boxes also come with over-the-air tuners. The NAB should be focusing its tech efforts on helping its constituents think forward - come up with clever new ways for stations to become creative local media outlets regardless of their platform. This plan will get applause at next week’s convention - and will result in little else."

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