Friday, April 13, 2007

Terry Heaton's NAB message

Terry is heading to the NAB and has three main message points.

From the post:
  1. "The key disrupter to the business of media is people, not technology. This is the key to understand all that’s taking place, because the press-public dynamic has been flip-flopped, with the public now clearly calling the shots. When we look at it as only technology, we drift down a path that won’t do much to resolve the disruption to our bottom lines. Relevancy is determined, after all, by them, not us.
  2. None of this is “all-or-nothing,” and those who paint it as such generally have a big stake in the game, usually the status quo. Broadcasting will continue and we’re not all going to die tomorrow. There certainly is an evolution underway, but let’s not get caught up in the hype of the all-or-nothing crowd.
  3. People want to know what we know and do what we do, and business models that support this will succeed in the near and long-term future. Think Gordon Borrell’s “ammunition” scenario: “The deer now have guns. What do you do when the deer have guns? Get into the ammunition business.” YouTube is the textbook example of this, a business that enables the deer to share their work with others."



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