Monday, February 27, 2006

Russell Beattie Doesn't Know What "Exclusive" Means

Russell and everyone else other than MySpace.

From the post:

"Hmmm. It seems that MySpace’s “exclusive” mobile deal with Helio must be using some other form of the word that we hadn’t heard of before. (Shh! Don’t tell Scott! I’m not sure he’ll be able to take it!) This morning when I logged in to MySpace to approve some new friends requests (and get rid of some morons), I noticed a new link on home page dashboard: “Get MySpace alerts on Cingular - New!” Huh?!? That’s surprising considering last week’s announcements, no?"

Russell is also a Cingular customer so he got a features email from his new friend Tom.

In other news, MySpace now has its own shortcode: MYSPC (69772.) Short codes don't seem to have hit yet but they are just like urls where in '95.

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