Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mobile: Consumers vs. Industry

MocoNews points to an article by Nick Long on the problems facing the mobile environment.

From the article:

"The high cost of mobile content is the number one deterrent for users, according to a recent poll by SurfKitchen. While research conducted by Buongiorno Vitaminic at the end of 2005 revealed that mobile users were allocating more budget for mobile content purchases. Either way, the price of mobile content is too high.

There is undoubted potential for mobile content, but that will only be unleashed providing there is an engaging user experience founded upon search mechanisms discovering compelling content, worthy of searching for. Are we at that stage, or indeed, anywhere near that stage today? Mobile content revenue forecasts from Informa Telecoms & Media, suggest not.

Without compelling content, there is a strong argument to delay the inevitable introduction of flat data-rate pricing. Mobile content usage is a snacking phenomenon, where users dip-in, dip-out; so why trap the user on a monthly subscription? There is a growing need for flexible pricing schemes that reflect the mobile industry: hourly, daily and weekly prices. 3 is one operator that is allowing its users to rent content, and this is proving to be very successful."



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