Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Double Fusion Acquires Eiko Media

From the press release:

"Double Fusion, the leading independent in-game advertising company, has acquired Eiko Media, a top new media agency known for brokering the deep integration of branded products into retail video games. Eiko Media President and Co-Founder Ashley J. Swartz will take on the role of Senior Director of Creative Strategy at Double Fusion.

The incorporation of Eiko Media into Double Fusion is a strategic step to further enable Double Fusion's worldwide sales force to offer advertisers innovative programs that combine the best elements of deep product placement integration with the updating and measurement capabilities of Double Fusion's in-game advertising technology.

"Eiko's experience in architecting deeply integrated product placement partnerships for its clients, coupled with Double Fusion's superior technology and their pedigree in dynamically-served in-game advertising, creates an incredibly synergistic powerhouse," said Ashley J. Swartz, President and Co-Founder of Eiko Media.

From the Double Fusion web site:

"DoubleFusion enables advertisers to serve and manage on-line, rich-media in-game-ad campaigns , by utilizing best of breed rich media delivery technologies. By doing that, DoubleFusion allows game publishers to maximize their in game advertising revenues."

From the Eiko Media web site:

"Eiko Media is a focused, niche marketing agency that specializes in both the promotion and utilization of emerging technologies to build compelling marketing and branding campaigns.

With a background in wireless messaging and entertainment, the founders of Eiko realized a few years ago that emerging technologies were great marketing vehicles for brands, however that technologists were usually the worst marketers. Eiko leverages technology to create a powerful marketing or branding tool, in lieu of it being a burden. By demystifying and simplifying things like SMS, MMS, and blog sites, Eiko is able to utilize the pervasive and direct marketing attributes of technology and couple it with traditional media and advertising to create incredible promotions that result in track-able sales and brand proliferation."



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