Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Verizon Game Network

Verizon acquired an equity stake in Super Computer International to expand its role in online gaming.
From the press release:

"A primary focus of the Verizon-SCI relationship will be the deployment of a next-generation, online game browsing and messaging platform called PlayLinc that will give gamers more control over their multiplayer gaming interactions, a richer set of social networking tools and a wider variety of gaming experiences. Among the features gamers can take advantage of on the PlayLinc platform will be support for a variety of gaming platforms, messaging tools including IM and VoIP, dynamic server launching, server browsing, team management, buddy tracking, player invitations, on-game controls and more.

"Verizon’s relationship with SCI will help us speed the development and distribution of an advanced online gaming platform with capabilities that we believe no other game messenger currently delivers," said Mitch Dornich, group product manager for new product development at Verizon. "We’re bringing together Verizon’s strengths in broadband, the Internet, communications and mass marketing with SCI’s state-of-the-art gaming technologies and expertise to create an entirely new experience for the online gaming community."

Jesper Jensen, CEO of SCI, said, "We’re excited to be joining forces with Verizon. The platforms we are devising will reset the standards and expectations of online game players while simplifying and accelerating their ability to build highly customizable gaming communities and personalized social networks."

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